Monday, April 21, 2014

and here comes the rain, at least the clouds

i'm running on not much sleep, but i do have some links for your national poetry month goodies:,0,4219677.story

yesterday was mostly a sports day for me to forget. Manchester United looked lost and disinterested for most of the game against Everton and lost 2-0. there are reports today that David Moyes is going to be fired. i'll believe it when i see it.

the New York Rangers got up 2-0 on the Flyers and then feel into their usual Game 2 trap. for some fucking reason, they took the foot off the gas and got shelled, losing 4-2. not pretty.

the New York Yankees turned a win into a near loss into a win in extra innings yesterday. 5-1 in 12 innings. they play 3 games at the Red Sox starting tomorrow night.

the Sunday night shows were good as usual. Nurse Jackie made me long for my days on drugs. Californication is the show i always wanted to write. Silicon Valley was really good. i think that show is really starting to click. Veep is always funny as sadly, that's how the government actually works. Total Divas was really good. i need to get to Hawaii one day before i die. and Years of Living Dangerously is so sad to see how this planet is being raped by the greedy and the ignorant. i usually have to have a rest period after that show or i'll go to sleep angry.

tonight is my usual struggle between The Voice and Monday Night Raw. The Voice is live tonight, so i'll probably give that some more attention.

spent most of today doing some running for my mother and fucking around on iTunes. mom has this one spot that is leaking where it looks like the liquid glue they used to close her up didn't work. so, that's been fun trying to get that bleeding stopped while trying my best to not cause anymore pain. that's a little tricky to say the least. she got some sleep today, so hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.

it's supposed to rain tonight into the morning. that should help either both of us sleep better or be angry as fuck with pain. i'll let you know tomorrow.

check out the right hand side of the blog for my latest gift, the i crave freebies links. they actually work. use them people.

that's all for me. be well. hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

peace and chicken grease bitches.


Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love
Washed Out - All I Know
Black Stone Cherry - White Trash Millionaire

"We all pay for life and death, so everything in between should be free." - Bill Hicks

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