Monday, November 11, 2013

running on empty

i think i may have got around 4 or 5 hours sleep tops for the entire weekend. so, instead of being smart and sleeping this dreary Monday away, i'm up and writing a blog entry. got the Dan Patrick Show on the television and they are taking off the rest of the corn at the moment. hopefully they get it all off before it SNOWS later today.

i had a mixed day yesterday fantasy football wise. i'm somehow losing by 11 to a team that has 1 win this season (not very fucking happy about that) and i'm up by almost 90 points in the other one. guess which one i think i have a good chance of winning...

the New York Rangers played an interesting game last night. i was in and out of it because of all of the other stuff i was watching at the same time. thankfully, they won. here are the highlights:

my Sunday morning started off with Manchester United playing their best game of the season beating Arsenal 1-0. i always love when RvP sticks it to his old team. plus, now they are only 5 points back and sitting in 5th place in the league. below is the only goal of the game. kudos to whomever posted this on the net.

the Sunday night shows were excellent last night. Boardwalk Empire continues to be one of the best shows on. Eastbound and Down was fucking hilarious. can't wait to the series finale next week. Homeland was great as well. and Masters of Sex had another very strong episode. Total Divas was pretty damn funny. i love the behind the scenes shit, especially in the world of pro wrestling.

hopefully my day today consists of a long nap, some writing, and then my night in front of the television. Monday Night Raw, The Voice, and a Monday Night Football game that i unfortunately have to pay attention to. and i really don't want to.

if i do get lucky enough to write a few poems today, i'll type them up today as well. i don't see me going outside much given the cold blast getting ready to hit here.

i hope everyone had a great weekend. happy Veteran's Day here in the states. happy Monday to the rest of the world.


Radiohead - Live at Tramps June 1, 1995
The Steel Wheels - Live @ Ignition Garage

"To live without Hope is to Cease to live." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

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