Sunday, November 3, 2013

how ecstasy can quickly become misery

i had a pretty damn good evening last night. my sports teams won, i was able to stay awake for SNL and ROH, got the clocks turned back, and got some decent sleep.

i wake up this morning feeling good. got through my email and whatnot in good time, got the trash picked up, had breakfast, helped my mother, and just as i was changing out the trash bag in the kitchen, that oh fuck feeling hits me.

i clinch my cheeks and try to get to the bathroom, but, this time i didn't make it. i'm not sure how i can take care of my mother when i can't even take care of myself. needless to say after a horrific storm of cussing, my mother came in the bathroom. can't imagine a more humbling situation for a male at age 37. wiping off shit from your legs with your mother watching.

the cats are now fed, the trash is down at the end of the lane and i have a toilet i need to clean, so i will try to make this quick.

the New York Rangers exploded for some goals last night and another win, 5-1.

i listened to most of the Dayton Flyers basketball game last night. they held off a pesky Findlay team to win 96-87.

i thought Saturday Night Live was pretty good last night.

ROH last night was excellent. some great action between Kevin Steen and Mike Bennett. i could see that feud having some legs.

i have one big injury concern today in fantasy football. but, that game isn't until tonight. so i just have to remember to check the inactives list around 7 tonight. other than that, i feel pretty good about my teams today.

i've got a huge lead in fantasy hockey that i'm hoping i don't find a way to blow today.

i did type up those 3 poems i wrote the other day. i think they are pretty good. i'm sure today's debacle will bring some more poems.

my mother is feeling a little better. i think more than anything, she's just tired of feeling like shit. i don't think she thought she would turn 60 and her body would just fall apart at once.

ok, enough babbling. i need to get this shit (bad choice of words there) done before the pregame shows come on. hope everyone is doing better than i am.

peace and chicken grease.


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