Saturday, November 9, 2013

enjoying a victory beer

if you'd like to know how my afternoon went, go here:

if that's how the Dayton Flyers season is going to go. i'll be dead before i turn 40.

just got back home from the sports bar. getting ready to crack open a beer and watch LSU vs. Alabama tonight.

other than that, i believe SNL is a rerun. i may check it out as i think it was the episode i missed because of the power being out. also, another episode of ROH late this evening.

my tomorrow is hectic beyond belief. Manchester United plays a must win game in the morning at home against Arsenal. then my usual 6 hours or so of the NFL. then the Sunday night shows, along with the New York Rangers playing as well as Total Divas coming back on. i hope i get some good sleep tonight as i obviously will be getting none tomorrow.

i would ramble longer but i am totally spent from the game. Dayton was a 17 point favorite. to win on a buzzer beater against a team that totally sucks... i'll take the win after so many heartbreaking losses last year but if this damn team doesn't get better on defense it's going to be a long ass season.

i'm out. if i find the time tomorrow, i'll write a quick one here. more likely it will be 2 or 3 in the morning.


Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Black Joe Lewis - Noise Trade Eastside Manor Sessions
The Ragged Jubilee - B-Sides

"Gossip is more popular than literature." - Hugh Leonard

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