Thursday, November 21, 2013

one of those days where the darkness just sneaks up on you...

let me start a blog post off for once with something positive. i listened to the Dayton Flyers take on Georgia Tech down in Atlanta last night. Dayton started off the game asleep at the wheel, getting down 7-0 in the first minute or so. unlike last year, panic never settled in. they battled back and eventually got the lead, finishing the first half on a 15-2 run. up 7 at the break. and the thing i loved the most about this game, the lead never got down below 5 in the second half. Dayton wins 82-72. 3 players had career highs. HUGE road win. should make the flight out to Maui much easier on the legs. next game is Monday at Midnight against Gonzaga. if they pull off that upset, i will be ape shit nuts about this team. this does mark 10 years since the last time Dayton went out there for that tournament. (they won it by the way)

my mother had an interesting experience last night. around 8 or so, she called the plumbing place wanting to know what the fuck was going on. turns out the secretary told the plumber my mother had cancelled the appointment. needless to say, we now have a $75 credit with the company and the plumber came out here today and everything is fine now. the plumber did apologize, more or less saying the secretary was having "one of those days" yesterday. i laughed and told him no biggie, shit happens. it's all good now. especially since all of this work has been under warranty.

been hunting for info all day long on my injury concerns for fantasy football. 2 of my guys practiced, which is a huge relief. that usually means they will play on Sunday. as for the other one, i'll have to just wait until the inactives for tonight are listed. and then hope to hell my internet isn't slow.

American Horror Story was excellent last night. a couple of twists i didn't see coming. next episode is in 2 weeks.

i am looking forward to The Big Bang Theory this evening. after that, it will be flipping the channels between the NFL game and the New York Rangers playing in Dallas. hopefully both results are in my favor.

i did make a couple of moves today in fantasy hockey. i am hoping they help my team immediately as i am on the verge of running away with the regular season.

a quick cat update: the one that usually goes missing for weeks on end did show up today. i figure it wanted a full meal before the next storm rolls in. no sign of the other one. i guess i will be checking all the usual "dead" spots after this weekend. at least i haven't smelled any signs of death here lately. there's nothing that will stain the nose forever like that smell.

that is all for me today. hope everyone is well.


Foster The People - Torches
Grouplove - Never Trust a Happy Song
Fun. - Some Nights
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks

"Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears." - Arthur Koestler

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