Friday, November 29, 2013

anger is a gift

my tolerance for people, ignorance, etc, always seems to be a little more thin than usual when the holidays roll around. while standing in line at the bank today listening to this old woman ask why the name of the old bank is still on her checks and neither teller is able to figure it out (maybe because she hasn't ordered any new checks since the merger you fucking dumb fucks) i could feel my blood begin to boil. my deposit was going fine until the lady helping me couldn't add correctly. and this is with a computer. i don't believe the world understands how lucky it is that i haven't decided to just kill everyone.

and that little episode put me in such a great mood for the Rangers game today. always fun to see them blow a third period lead in Boston and lose 3-2. just fucking great. they play again tomorrow at home. hopefully they decide they would actually like to pay the price it takes to win a fucking game against a good team in this league.

i picked all 3 NFL games correctly yesterday. so, i'm on a much better pace than last week. i'm leading in both of my fantasy football matches, though i certainly didn't need the injury to my running back last night. i'm hoping it's not really serious as he will play a huge role in any success i may have in the playoffs.

i did get all of my shopping done yesterday. all online. i think i ended up spending a little over $100. hopefully my mother and sister like what i got them. of course, if they don't, i couldn't really give a shit.

the rest of today will be some more sports and maybe a little writing. i'm home alone at the moment as the allure of shopping deals has lead my sister to dragging my mother out to the masses. i'm not sure if this is what the doctor had in mind when he told her to take it easy on her bruised ribs this weekend. i personally don't get the appeal of shopping with a bunch of rabid assholes looking to get the bottom dollar deal on some bullshit. of course, i've never really had money in my life where i could just blow it on anything at any time. not exactly sure what i would do if i did have that in my life.

hopefully the football team of the high school i graduated from wins tonight. i'd love to see them play for another state championship. i don't think they won more than 4 or 5 games when i was going there. how times have changed.

the weather is pretty cold here. at least there is no rain or snow. plenty of cold sunshine though.

i imagine i will be blogging tomorrow in the morning before Ohio State plays that shit school up north at high noon. i'm hoping they kill them but i have seen way too many perfect seasons get destroyed in this game to be overly confident.

hope everyone is well. hope you survived any shopping you may have done today. and i hope your family is either gone or not on your nerves yet.


Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man
Beth Orton - Sugaring Season
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

and finally, the birthday boy, still inexplicably playing at a world class level at the age of 40

"There's never been completion in my football career because I've always been striving for that next thing." - Ryan Giggs

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