Friday, November 22, 2013

drowning in nostalgia...

i am a man (stop laughing) that loves history. but i don't particularly enjoy going back and revisiting or revising or even rewriting history. and considering that today is the 50th year anniversary of JFK being assassinated, it was a little hard to escape. don't get me wrong, history in the moment i will eat with a damn spoon. take 9/11 for instance, i didn't sleep for a week. i had the tv on every second of every day just devouring the news. but, 10 years later, i didn't think about it longer than a few minutes. i know about the past, i'm not too fond of living in it. sadly, i'm not sure i can say the same for many people; today being one of the greatest examples of drowning in nostalgia.

now, all that being said, i did observe the moment of silence today. and then i went back to stuffing my face with food.

was a little bummed when i read today that John Prine has been diagnosed with lung cancer. they believe they caught it early, but how many damn times can one man beat that disease? here's one of my favorites from him:

on to better news... i really enjoyed The Big Bang Theory last night. the writing on that show consistently amazes me.

the New York Rangers got an incredible performance from The King last night. Rick Nash scored his first goal of the season. all in a 3-2 much needed win. highlights below:

i picked the NFL game correctly last night, but i was torn. the QB for New Orleans is my fantasy QB for my team. but, he's my opponent's QB in my CBS league. quite the dilemma. i have a 23 point lead in one and a 30 point deficit to make up in the other. it will be a stressful weekend to say the least.

and the weather is going to turn here with lows in the teens. lovely.

i think i'm going to try to watch an interview with Gary Clark Jr. this evening on DIRECTV. other than that, i will probably be checking the internet to see how the high school i graduated from is doing in the high school football playoffs. one win away from another trip to the final 4.

that's all for me. i will probably be back on here sometime before Ohio State plays tomorrow. hope everyone has a great weekend.


Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing
Bruce Springsteen - The Essential Bruce Springsteen
Shooter Jennings - Put the O Back in Country
John Prine - In Person & On Stage
Tom Waits - Small Change
John Fogerty - The Long Road Home

"I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap." - Rodney Dangerfield

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