Tuesday, November 5, 2013

hello frustration, my name is...

just pissed away 2 hours watching one of the more frustrating Manchester United matches since i became a fan in 1992. a 0-0 draw on the road in the Champions League is usually fine, but not when you blow 3 point blank chances in the second half and have to play the final 3 minutes a man down because your manager is fucking clueless. Chicharito somehow kicked it over the goal from about 3 yards. RvP hit the post twice, once on a damn penalty kick. and for some fucking reason, Moyes couldn't see that Fellaini was bound and determined to get his second yellow as soon as he got his first, in the first half. thankfully, the whole damn group fucking stunk today so United is still in the lead. next match is Sunday against Arsenal. i'd love to have a good feeling about that, but that escapes me at the moment.

the New York Rangers took all the good they had done in the last week or so and shit all of it away in the first period last night. 2 horrific turnovers that both ended up in the back of the net. a 2-1 loss that just left a shitty taste in my mouth.

thankfully, i won both of my fantasy football matches. i sit in 4th place in both leagues. not bad for the halfway point.

just so you know, i had a dream i was pissing in the bathroom from Trainspotting last night, so i took that as a clue to get up. nearly 2 fucking hours before i wanted to. so, i haven't been happy since about 7:30 last night.

The Voice last night was pretty good. i enjoyed a few of the performances. i do agree with Blake, there is going to be some really good talent leaving way too soon on Thursday. another live show this evening.

Monday Night Raw was ok last night. the opening segment involved CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family, so no complaints there. the 6 man tag match was good as well. the rest of the show was just sort of there to me. although, the sight of Kane in a suit and tie was a little shocking. of course, he has a movie coming out soon where he's not wearing a mask, so i get it.

i figure i'll watch a little PBS this evening as well. a couple of things on there i want to watch.

if my anger happens to persist through the night, expect to read about me typing up a slew of poems tomorrow. along with the usual Wednesday bitching.

that's all. peace and chicken grease.


Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Sister Sweetly
The Dirty Guv'nahs - Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies
Brandi Carlile - Live at Bear Creek EP
R.E.M. - Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1982-2011
Jason Isbell - Southeastern

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant

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