Tuesday, November 19, 2013

better news than i expected

had a holy shit moment this afternoon. my eyes aren't as bad as i expected. i don't have to get new glasses, so that saves some money. thought for sure i was going to get fucked on that deal.

after the eye appointment, mom and i went to the sports bar and caught the last few minutes of afternoon soccer. i didn't get to see the USA lose to Austria (1-0) but i did see Portugal and France qualify for the World Cup.

i did see bits and pieces of The Voice last night but not enough to really have an opinion. i think there are 3 or 4 that can win it and the rest of them are on the same level. i have no clue who is going to get eliminated tonight.

Monday Night Raw held my attention for most of the evening. the main event was spectacular. and i nearly shit my pants when CM Punk and Rey Mysterio shook hands at the end of the evening. hell froze over for sure at that moment. they had one of the best feuds in the last decade. real, personal shit. quite the show to go into the Survivor Series PPV.

the New York Rangers play tonight. Rick Nash comes back tonight from his latest concussion. hopefully he can stay healthy for the rest of the season. my fantasy hockey team would certainly like that. i would love for the Rangers to win tonight as they play Boston.

other than that, i believe i will be checking out some PBS later this evening.

and i did get a good amount of sleep last night. so, i will probably be up late tonight. if the energy is still there, maybe i'll get some writing done. i am pretty pleased that the 2 latest poems i have had accepted/published are brand new.

i'm listening to Kevin Steen on the Wrestling with Depression podcast at the moment. laughing my ass off.

hope this finds everyone well. until tomorrow, when the plumber supposedly makes his return 5 weeks after he was supposed to. good times.


Massive Attack - Mezzanine

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  1. Hey J.J, It was Portugal vs Sweden. Not France. And those portugese fuckers were just plain lucky;)

    1. Janne

      i know Sweden was playing Portugal. the France vs. Ukraine match was on the television right next to it. i was simply stating who i saw win that day.