Saturday, November 16, 2013

couldn't ask for much more...

so my day today started off with a trip to the post office. i had some registered mail waiting for me. i bet the people in this small town shit their pants when they see i have mail from India waiting for me. got the issue of Miracle Magazine i'm in. it looks great.

then off to the Dayton Flyers game. they easily played their best game of the season so far, 78-58 win. hopefully they take the good feeling and play a great game against their old coach in their first road game on Wednesday.

next was a trip to the sports bar to catch the second half of the Ohio State game. the defense was hurt and it certainly showed. but, anytime your offense can put up 60, you should be fine. 60-35 win. 22nd straight win. not too bad.

a trip to the tractor supply store to get cat food and bird food (or mostly to use the 10% off coupon) and then a trip to the grocery store. i was kind of shocked that mom and i were able to get the shopping done be out of the store before it got dark.

then on the way home we stopped at the guy's house who farms out here to get the checks for the corn. always love when there is 2 numbers to the left of the comma. a pretty damn good year. enough to pay the bills, the taxes, and survive the winter if the apocalypse hits.

got the groceries put away in time to watch the New York Rangers in Montreal. thankfully, AV started the backup goalie tonight. a HUGE 1-0 shutout. first win up there since god knows when. hopefully they keep up the good playing tomorrow back at home against the Kings.

but, since this is my life, it can't all be rosy. my friend Imodium was called on earlier tonight as my stomach started acting up again. not sure if it was the beer, the chicken, or simply i was having too good of a time. thankfully, my friend always works.

so, on the docket for the rest of the evening is some college football, a new episode of Saturday Night Live, a new episode of ROH, and then sleep. got a busy day tomorrow to go along with the wind advisory we will have going on tomorrow.

can't wait to take out the trash after i've watched all the Sunday night shows. hopefully the wind will have passed by then. most of my fantasy football matches will be over by Sunday night. chances are i blog again around that time.

i am really looking forward to the series finale of Eastbound and Down tomorrow night. i fully expect it to be the craziest episode of the show ever. other than that, the usual of Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Total Divas, and Masters of Sex will be on tap. as well as a football game and a hockey game that i will need to pay attention to. good thing my mom has put the laptop out by the television.

ok, enough of my rambling. until tomorrow, if mother nature allows...


Metallica - S&M

"It's okay to be a freak." - Lisa Bonet

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