Tuesday, September 10, 2013

will it ever rain again?

so today is about 5 degrees hotter than yesterday. and for Sept. 10th to be at 95 degrees, i believe i am somewhere close to hell. the headline in the paper today said the area is close to being back at the drought level. so much for the great harvest i thought we were going to have to rebound from last year.

the Yankees lost last night. i watched a little. but, like the team, i think this season has run out of steam. of course, go on a 10 game winning streak and i will think they are going to the World Series. needless to say, i'll watch a little bit tonight because i've been a fan since 1982. but, much like my youth, i doubt i will have any fun watching them.

had a very frustrating night last night. the fantasy football game i was trailing by 10 i won by 16. the one i had a 33 point lead in i lost by 3.14 points. so, i spent the next 2 hours beating myself up for not playing the TE that got more points and for drafting a RB that did absolutely nothing in week 1. if either of those would have changed not only would i have won, i would have had the most points in the league. of course, come tomorrow i'll be over it as it will be time to focus on week 2.

but to better describe this sickness, i'm currently running on 3 hours of sleep.

most of my attention this evening will be on team USA vs. Mexico in World Cup Qualifying. if the USA wins tonight and gets some help from Honduras, they will clinch a trip to Brazil for the World Cup. i will be in full throat this evening. i need to release some frustration. hopefully that happens this evening.

with it being so damn hot, i've spent most of today inside listening to music. and i managed to get a certain song stuck in my damn head, not that i'm complaining about it...

that's all for today. hope this finds everyone cool.


The Gospel Whiskey Runners - Hold On
The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Pioneers EP
Howlin' Wolf - The Definitive Collection
Various Artists - Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams
Maggie Estep - No More Mister Nice Girl
Ray LaMontagne - Gossip in the Grain

"When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice." - Saul Bellow

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