Thursday, September 12, 2013

i woke up this morning to...

RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it must have poured as the puddles in the lane were pretty deep. not sure how much we got but it was certainly more than we've had in almost a month. i know the crops desperately needed some water. hopefully it didn't come too late.

i really can't believe the Yankees are only 1 game out of a playoff spot after the victory last night, 5-4. yet another come from behind one as well. if they can get the win tonight and Boston finishes off their sweep of Tampa, the Yankees go into Boston tomorrow tied for a playoff spot with something like 15 games to go. given all the injuries and inconsistent play this year, i never honestly thought they would still be in it at this point. hopefully god has money on the game tonight as Phil Hughes is pitching. it will take something biblical to get a good start out of him.

Big Brother last night was ok. i got word of what is going to happen tonight. if it is correct, the last reason i had to watch the show will be evicted tonight. and the show will be down to a final 3 of 2 racists and a crying homosexual from Chicago. hard to imagine i actually keep watching this show.

The Bridge last night did a wonderful job of revealing a few more clues to the puzzle and transitioning to what should be a tension filled episode next week. of course, that would be if the previews are to be believed. still the best show i watch.

Duck Dynasty made me laugh as usual. mindless entertainment.

other than the Yankees and Big Brother tonight, i suppose i'll be watching some football, pro and college. i know my mom will be interested in the NFL game as long as the Jets are close. if it starts being a blowout she won't care. thankfully, i have no fantasy guys going this evening.

i think i have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. it certainly makes typing fun. let alone masturbating. talk about finding the pleasure in the pain.

hard to believe training camps have opened for the NHL. i'm really interested in seeing how the Rangers react to a new coach, new system, new players, etc. hopefully they get Stepan signed soon and stay injury free for most of the season. i really hope AV is the breath of fresh air for them and this is the year i get to truly enjoy a playoff beard.

i believe that is all for today. i do hope you are enjoying life or the addiction of your choice wherever in the world these words may find you.


Warren Zevon - Genius: The Best Of Warren Zevon
Tom Waits - Closing Time
Tori Amos - The Beekeeper

"I've come from nowhere, and I'm not shy to go back." - Jason Statham

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