Tuesday, September 3, 2013

say hello to frustration

so i went to bed last night thinking Manchester United had signed 1 player from Everton and got 1 player on loan from Real Madrid. much to my surprise, the loan never happened because the paperwork was faxed in late. who the fuck in 2013 faxes anything late? this whole transfer window reminded me of how much i miss Sir Alex and David Gill. none of this shit would have gone like this with them in charge. my fear is we now become what Everton always was, a 6th place team just good enough to not be mediocre. hopefully Moyes and Woodward understand that none of this is acceptable. sadly, i don't really know if the Glazers give a shit or not. they simply own the club to write off the debt. hopefully i'll be in a better frame of mind when they play again in 11 days.

Monday Night Raw was interesting. i'm not sure how much more they can kill Daniel Bryan before he has nothing left to give. the Big Show constantly crying has to stop. i am intrigued with the Cody Rhodes angle. with him mentioning his father and the McMahons last night has me thinking that something much larger is in play. and considering that Dusty runs NXT down in Florida, perhaps yet another invasion angle is coming. if that brings up some new talent, i'm fine with it. if it goes to more "Dusty" finishes, count me out. i lived through those days of the NWA and WCW. what i really hope is the CM Punk angle with Heyman ends after this ppv and then Punk joins Daniel Bryan against HHH. then, the possibilities are endless.

after reading that paragraph you'd never know that i've been watching wrestling for 35 years.

the Yankees had a laugher yesterday. Hughes pitched to 5 guys before the rain came. which shows that even mother nature wants David Huff starting over Hughes. the Yankees were leading 1-0 before the rain delay. when the bats got going, i flipped over to the Chicago station so i could listen to their misery. it was great. Yankees win 9-1. hopefully Kuorda pitches well tonight and the Yankees can keep the train moving.

the plan today is to take advantage of the better weather and get the grass cut. parts of it are maybe an inch high and other parts are over a foot high. such fun. hopefully it won't take me all afternoon to do. but, if you happen to email me this afternoon and don't get a reply until later tonight or tomorrow, you now know why.

after a long shower and hopefully with no sun poisoning, i will be watching the season finale of Hard Knocks tonight. should be interesting to see how painful the final cuts were.

with 4 more poems to the pile to send out here soon, i have to rethink my submissions before i send them out now. but that's a task for another day. i have to get gas and get some other shit done so i'll be mowing before 1 this afternoon.

that's all for today. hopefully i'm in a better mood by tomorrow.


Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

"Passion makes idiots of the cleverest men, and makes the biggest idiots clever." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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