Sunday, September 22, 2013

quick thoughts on a Sunday morning

i'll be busier than 9 cats covering up shit in a windstorm today, so i thought i would make this quick.

Ohio State won yesterday 76-0. it wasn't really as close as the score suggests.

the Yankees won again !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6-0. Nova with another complete game shutout. they go for the sweep today on the day no Yankees fan ever wanted to see. the day they honor Mariano Rivera and say goodbye and thanks. today will be a flood of nostalgia i imagine.

the food at the sports bar was the hottest i think i have ever been served. we must have hit the place at the exact right time.

Manchester derby day. hopefully the town will be painted red. my eyes will be glued on that for most of the time. sadly, the ceremony for Mo starts during it. I NEED THE ELVIS WALL OF TELEVISIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

ROH was great last night. sadly, i fell asleep before it was over but i already know the outcomes. Steen vs. Strong was excellent, i do remember that.

i will be taking my mother and sister to the airport this afternoon. saves them about $40. puts a little bit of a cramp in my football viewing. but given how my fantasy teams are shaping up today, i will probably need some time away from the television so i don't explode.

my Sunday night viewing is slightly altered this evening. Boardwalk Empire is a given. so is the season finale of Ray Donovan. i have no clue if i'm going to watch the series finale of Dexter or not. i'm sure i will probably view a little bit for sure as i did watch the show for the first 3 seasons, religiously. plus, i suppose i need to know how it ends.

that's all for me. i have breakfast to eat, cats to feed, trash to get out of the house (picked up most of it last night) and bags to load for my mother. i hope everyone has a great day. until tomorrow.


Radiohead - The Bends
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced?

"In seeking wisdom thou art wise; in imagining that thou hast attained it - thou art a fool." - Lord Chesterfield

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