Friday, September 27, 2013

i wept like a baby

i had an uneventful drive to the airport yesterday to pick up my mother and sister, until the airport cop decided he wanted to play tough guy and literally tell me where to park, not really giving a shit i would be cutting off a car to do so. so, just to show what an asshole he was being, i did like he said. the woman i was now blocking in wasn't happy. she looked at me and i pointed to the dickhead and gave her the look of, there's where your anger needs to be. the police in general have always pissed me off.

i tuned into the Yankees game just in time last night to see everything regarding Mo. it was his final game at Yankee Stadium. he entered the game in the 8th to get the final 2 outs, which he did. he got the first 2 outs of the 9th (which lowered his career ERA to the lowest ever for a pitcher with over 1,200 innings pitched). then Andy and Derek came out to take him out of the game. i was doing fine until i watched Mo start to cry while hugging Andy. then i lost it. all the emotions of the last 17 years or so; the championships, the unbelievable moments, the crushing defeats, the parades... just reflecting on watching the greatest closer to ever live and how remarkable his entire career has been. of course, the Yankees lost again last night. not sure what next season holds for the team, but i do know without Mo it will never be the same.

i did watch The Big Bang Theory last night. very funny. one of my guilty pleasures i suppose. i really love how quick the writing is on the show. as a writer, it's that kind of stuff that hooks me.

the rest of the night was spent watching the NFL. at least the defense i started showed up last night. unlike all the other games this season. that gave me a nice start in my fantasy league.

i have no clue what i'll be watching tonight. i might just hand the remote over to my mother and go write the night away. or, it could be an evening where i flip between the Smithsonian Channel and Food Network. i always tend to try to learn shit when i'm bored. i never stop trying to learn everything i can about everything there is. not sure my family enjoys it when they end up getting stuck watching some documentary on a topic they couldn't give 2 shits about. i almost care.

big sports weekend and Sunday night shows coming up. should be interesting to see how i map out the 5 shows i want to watch on Sunday night that all air at the same time on 2 different networks. thank god for the west coast feeds.

i caught bits and pieces of the New York Rangers last night. i think they play again tonight though i imagine it's probably going to be blacked out for me. i could tell one thing hasn't changed even with a new coach. they struggle to fucking score goals beyond belief. 41 shots and 0 goals. and people wonder why i get so fucking frustrated at times. my fantasy hockey draft is this weekend as well.

i will most likely be back on this blog sometime between the end of the Manchester United game and before Ohio State plays tomorrow night.

peace and chicken grease.


The Killers - Hot Fuss
Morphine - Like Swimming
Ani DiFranco - Living In Clip

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

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  1. As a Cubs fan this post makes me envious to see you are a dedicated fan for sure plus a good writer hope all is well