Monday, September 30, 2013

a gloomy and dreary Monday

i got up later than i normally do this morning, throwing my entire rhythm off. it's on days like this that i realize how superstitious and crazy i really am at times. oh well.

i went out to feed the cats a little later than normal and noticed some sad shit. when i closed the door to the stall, i noticed one cat slinking in under the other door. not a big deal. then, i noticed that it was my cat Michael Jackson, dragging himself because, apparently, he can no longer use his hind legs. so, i know damn well that cat won't be along much longer. i'll be slightly shocked if i see it come morning.

i had a decent Sunday fantasy football wise. i'm leading in both matches, though it won't be until tonight that i will know if i win both of them or not. fingers are crossed.

as for the Sunday night shows...

Boardwalk Empire was brilliant as usual.

Eastbound and Down looks like it will be hilarious once again. it's the final season, so i hope they pull out all the stops.

Hello Ladies looks like it is going to be really funny and sad at the same time. it hit way too close to home on my own unspectacular dating life.

over to Showtime...

Homeland is one of my favorite shows ever. it doesn't look like this season is going to do anything to change that.

Masters of Sex was the winner for me last night. this show is pretty close to perfect in my eyes. history, which i love, sex, which i love more, some great writing and acting, it will be a show i will definitely look forward to each week.

tonight will be plenty of bouncing between The Voice and Monday Night Raw. i'm sure i will throw in some NFL and baseball as well, though i will probably just follow them online more than anything.

i did happen to catch a little of the Yankees finishing off their season yesterday with a win in 14 innings. they finish the season at 85-77. i found that funny because i believe the over/under number at the beginning of the season for win was 84 1/2. yet another example of why i don't gamble anymore.

if i happen to find myself up at 3 in the morning like i was last night, i figure i will go through some poems and decide where to send some stuff. after having a couple more places decide on what they wanted, i definitely have more poems to choose from now.

that is all. hope this finds you in a better mood than me.


Valerie June - Pushin' Against A Stone
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Nick Cave & The Black Seeds - Push The Sky Away

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." - Timothy Leary

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