Sunday, September 8, 2013

not enough time to even think

with the NFL season back in swing now, i'm going to have a harsh reminder of what the Sunday grind truly is. all the games during the day, all the shows i love at night, hardly any time to think or take a piss between them.

both my fantasy teams are in order. i'm trailing in both games. i wouldn't be shocked if i lost both. fun.

back to yesterday... Ohio State was a little more effective. of course, they lost their starting QB 7 plays into the game. hopefully it's nothing major. they said he could have come back in if it was needed. well, it was needed for my fantasy team, but not for the game. 42-7 win.

thank god, the Yankees game wasn't available to me at all yesterday. when i saw the final score, 13-9, i never bothered to find the highlights. another loss, another injury, further weakening their chance of making the playoffs. the offense is scoring but the pitching has turned into shit. there is 0% chance i will watch the game today.

ROH last night was pretty good. finally saw the pile driver that Bennett put on Whitmer. holy shit, no wonder the match was stopped.

saw some pretty good college football games last night and in the haze of lack of sleep, i checked out some NASCAR as well. i had a good laugh with Jeff Gordon missing the chase by 1 point. good times.

after all of the football games today, my usual Sunday night fare plus the return of Boardwalk Empire. so, between that at 9, The Newsroom at 10, Ray Donovan at 11, and Total Divas at midnight, i guess i'll see the first half hour of the Sunday night football game. or maybe not with Big Brother on at 8. totally could use a damn DVR tonight, that's for sure.

that's all for today. i have trash to pick up, animals to feed, injuries to check on and find some time to eat breakfast as well.

AND wish my sister a happy birthday. i would say her age but i'm certain that might ensure my death. she's 36.


Beck - Sea Change

"I've become a captive of my own ambitions." - Patsy Cline

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