Monday, September 23, 2013

after the day of horror

where do i begin? might as well start at the beginning of the horror show that was my Sunday...

when i got the news that RvP was injured and not going to play against City, i was worried. but when i saw the lineup David Moyes put out i was mortified. how the fuck Ashley Young still plays for Manchester United is beyond me. why Kagawa can't get in a game is fucking ridiculous. a 4-1 loss that could have been much worse was fucking embarrassing. got so bad i didn't even bother watching the last 20 minutes or so. hopefully they play much better than that on Wednesday. don't think i can stomach another loss to Liverpool.

the ceremony for Mariano Rivera yesterday was great. had a feel of Old Timers Day and a Hall of Fame ceremony wrapped up into one. it was good to see some old faces and to see Metallica play live at it. after i got back from taking my mother and sister to the airport, it was just in time to see Andy Pettitte get pulled from the game. just in time to see DRob blow it and watch Mo get the final 5 outs. Yankees lose 2-1. fitting for how this fucking season has gone. and then find out today CC is done for the year with yet another damn injury. i have never seen a team get so many fucking injuries in one year in my life. thankfully, the playoffs are now in the not a fucking chance in hell category.

my fantasy football teams stunk yesterday. well, at least one of them did. i was really surprised to see i won my match on with still 2 players to go tonight. thank you Drew Brees. as for the other one, i have no fucking chance on that. even with 2 guys going tonight. not a chance.

as for tv last night, Dexter ended pretty much the only way it could end. Ray Donovan had a twist i didn't see coming. Boardwalk Empire was brilliant as always.

got up this morning to a chilly home. kind of weird not hearing mom's country music playing coming down the steps. she usually forgets to turn her alarm off when she is away. had a ton of mail in the po box. i was surprised it all fit. 1 piece for me. got my laundry done today but somehow managed to strain my back doing that. needless to say i'll be laying on ice for the rest of the evening.

tonight will be a night of constant channel flipping. The Voice is back. on at the same time as Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Football.  and then hopefully my back cooperates and i can get my clean laundry back upstairs and put away without having to spend some time in the fetal position.

good times.

i'm hoping to get some music together to go sell tomorrow. not all of this music i take a chance on is a keeper. i might as well make some money back. plus, i need some more experience driving mom's SUV if she actually plans on letting me have it one day. i'm sure that won't happen until she gets close to 300,000 miles on it. sadly, she's much closer to that than you actually may believe.

until tomorrow. be well.


Nine Inch Nails - hesitation marks (Deluxe Edition)
Ana Tijoux - 1977
Black Joe Lewis - Electric Slave

"Love is a piano dropped from a fourth story window, and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." - Ani DiFranco

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