Thursday, September 5, 2013

when a recluse leaves the cave

yeah, yeah, yeah, i know what you're thinking. yet another blog post about shit i did today. here's a quick thought, you could always send me money to write about something else.

so i had big plans today to go get a haircut. might not sound like much, but for a person who hates being out in public 99% of the time, it is. so i shaved this morning and was getting ready to take a shower. of course, i had to shit. and i think i might have shit out the last 3 days of food. this made my shower a little more interesting, to say the least. but, i eventually did make it to the barber shop. now, other than a handful of times in my life, the same guy or myself have cut my hair. luckily, there was no wait and the price was the same as the last time i was in there, roughly 2 years ago. $10.50. i left a $3 tip. not bad for a poor fucker. one thing i did notice while driving around, my truck fucking sucks. i do believe it is nearing death. just in time for winter.

only 1 piece of mail in the po box today. and it wasn't for me. tomorrow i imagine the box will be full.

the Yankees last night got their sweep of the White Sox, 6-5. CC pitched better than he had in a long while, David Robertson played the role of 'let's make this shit interesting', which allowed the hammer of god to get his first four out save in 2 years. up tonight is the first of 4 games against Boston.

which brings me to my big dilemma tonight. Yankees vs. Red Sox. start of the NFL season. double eviction on Big Brother. and the season finale of Wilfred. all on at the same time more or less. these are the nights i'm happy i'm just crazy enough to be able to watch them all on one television.

The Bridge last night was excellent. plenty of tension and just when i thought i could take a breath, a vicious car crash that i didn't see coming. i absolutely can't wait to the episode next week.

Duck Dynasty really made me laugh. i believe the beaver in the kitchen sink really had me howling. mom just looked at me and said, i'm not white trash enough for that. good times.

i only have 1 player playing this evening in the Denver vs. Baltimore NFL opener. sadly, my opponents have a slew of players playing. so, i have no choice but to watch.

4 kittens seems to be down to 3 now as the little gray kitten has been missing the last 2 days. of course, it was the adventurous one, so who knows where the fuck it is. it's been so damn dry around here, i'm just hoping it didn't wander to outside of the barn. it wouldn't last long.

that's all for today. best of luck to all my gambling buddies on the first day of losing way too much money to be able to hide it from your wife. to all my fantasy football competitors, may you all lose to me at some point this season. and lastly, i wasn't joking about the money thing. you know my address. feel free to use it.


The xx - Coexist
Shooter Jennings - Family Man

"Ambition can creep as well as soar." - Edmund Burke

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