Saturday, September 7, 2013

you turn your head for a moment and all hell breaks loose

first off, why i was up at 8:30 this morning is beyond me. i figured i drank enough and went to bed late enough that i wouldn't get up to around noon. no luck.

my sister's little get together last night was pretty good. i was really happy that she liked what i got her. i think i really blew her mind with the stuff. the place we went was much better than i thought it would be. the band was pretty cool. just a two man band playing a melody of various songs. my sister has known the guy playing the drum/chair for years now. and the reggae guy singing thought my beard was cool, so i have that going for me. the food was really good. service was great. and it was good seeing some folks i haven't seen in years. reliving all the old high school war stories was funny. that all being said, i'm hoping these trips down memory lane are over for some time.

so when i got back home i hopped on the computer to see what i missed. first off, team USA down in Costa Rica. i was hoping for a draw as they have never won there. and sadly, that continues with a 3-1 drubbing. i'm sort of looking at this as a good thing they were humbled. with the winning streak gone, they now can focus on a must win against Mexico on Tuesday. especially since they are no longer in first place in their group for World Cup qualifying.

then, i look up the Yankees game. a 12-8 loss. ok. then i start finding out what happened. blow a 8-3 lead with 9 outs to go. 2 of the better relievers are injured. a complete fucking disaster. (all goes back to the haircut) Tampa lost again but all the teams near the Yankees won. so, now they have to jump 3 teams to get to that playoff spot. not really sure if i'm going to watch today or not. i'm sure i will give it a passing glance. but, fuck me, talk about horrific timing.

i will be watching Ohio State later today. hopefully they are a bit more sharper than last week. and hopefully give me a good victory beer later on.

other than that and some ROH this evening, i figure most of my day will be flipping between college football games. i know 2 teams i hate are playing this evening.

that's all for today. i suppose i should get my day going finally. hope everyone has a great Saturday or at least a better one than your worst enemy does.


Warren Haynes - Live at Bonnaroo
The Clash - London Calling
The Breeders - Last Splash

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

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