Thursday, August 15, 2013

thoughts on what could have been

after watching the Yankees win again last night, 11-3 with Alfonso Soriano having another career game (2 HR 7 RBI), i was really hoping they would get the 4 game sweep today. then, i reminded myself Phil Hughes was pitching and the chances of the sweep happening were slim and fucking none. all in all, Hughes didn't pitch horrible today. but not good enough either. the bullpen really shit the bed. and the offense let chance after chance slip by. 8-4 loss, which pretty much kills any momentum they had going up to Boston. now, i'm sure they will spin it that they won another series, the bats are warming up, etc. etc. it's too late in the season for moral victories.

i was very happy to see team USA win in Europe yesterday 4-3. first time they have ever won when trailing in Europe. i really enjoyed that victory beer. 12th win in a row i do believe.

Duck Dynasty last night was hilarious. i often find myself while i'm watching the show thinking about how my stepdad would have loved this show.

The Bridge last night peeled another layer of the onion back. i really hope this show answers all the questions by the end of the season. i've watched enough to have a ton of them. best show i've seen in quite some time.

yet again tonight, due to pre-season NFL games, i'll have to follow Big Brother via the internet. i guess i could try doing some writing as i'm doing that. who knows. i am looking forward to Wilfred tonight on FX.

hope everyone enjoyed the cartoon i posted earlier. that gives you a little taste of what Janne Karlsson and i have been working on. i really want to find a good publisher for what we've got so far. i really think it will blow some minds.

cat update:

my cats Walt Whitman and Jermaine Jackson have been officially scratched off the list. i believe they are dead as it has been over a month since i have seen them. the 2 kittens i saw in the igloo the other day are actually 4 kittens. i still have no fucking clue who the mother is, but i am leaning to believing it is Michael Jackson. hopefully i will get solid proof by this weekend.

can't believe the Premier League starts up this weekend. another 7 months of the potential of being pissed off from Saturday morning on. lovely. i like that many of the "experts" are doubting Manchester United with no Sir Alex. hopefully the team accepts that chip on their shoulder and prove everyone wrong yet again.

about 10 days or so until my fantasy football drafts. hopefully i will have luck on my side again this season.

that's all for today. i do hope this finds everyone well. and hello to all my new readers and followers in Sweden.


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Radiohead - Pablo Honey

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich." - Napoleon Bonaparte

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