Saturday, August 17, 2013

so much for doom and gloom

so i got up this morning ready for the return of the Premier League. hats off to NBC for their coverage of it. i truly love being able to see any of the matches. but the one i paid the most attention to started at 12:30. i had heard for the last week or so how Manchester United was going to fail this season, all the turmoil, lack of player signings, etc etc. so, all they do is go out at the team that finished 9th last season and win 4-1. 2 goals from RvP and 2 goals from Welbeck. Rooney played about 30 minutes and had 2 assists. it's rather obvious that he wants to be elsewhere from his body language. it is also really apparent that the club isn't going to sell him. as long as they win, i couldn't care less. a great start to the season.

the Yankees won last night in Boston 10-3. i had to laugh as Alfonso Soriano stayed hotter than hot with another HR and 4 RBI. Mark Reynolds, recently let go from the Indians, mostly because he hadn't hit a HR in 2 months, goes deep in his first at bat for the Yankees. if they can get some pitching and a few guys can stay hot over a month or so, i really think this team has a chance to make the playoffs. first time i have felt that all season. due to the stupid blackout rules, i'll only be able to follow today's game online. i figure i'll check in from time to time.

i do plan on watching some UFC tonight as i found Fox Sports 1 on DIRECTV this morning. so i have yet another sports channel to occupy my time. i also plan on watching ROH late tonight. an evening of combat.

hats off to my friend Sam Roberts, Professional Broadcaster, for the great interviews he's getting out in Los Angeles. go to his YouTube channel and check them out.

that's all for today. i have a fridge full of beer and i'm going to go enjoy a great victory.

hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start.


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