Saturday, August 3, 2013

not exactly how i thought my weekend would start

i got up this morning knowing that my mother would already be on her way to my sister's condo in Columbus. i noticed the paper on the table so i knew i just needed to get the mail today. then a few hours later i get a phone call. it's my first girlfriend from high school, who i haven't spoken to in a few years on the phone. she goes on to ask me if i was going to this alumni soccer game later today. she apparently doesn't know that no one i went to school with is in contact with me any longer. needless to say, when she starts mentioning names of people i haven't seen in a decade, i figure, why not. so, i'll be shaving and showering here in a bit and seeing just how deep into social anxiety i have drifted.

i noticed in the mail today i had a letter from Las Vegas. it felt pretty light, which is always a good sign in a poet's eyes. that usually means the publisher or editor has accepted most or all of your submission. i immediately thought this was the case with Peter from ART:MAG and my submission from back in May. i open up the envelope and find this inside: dear contributor: ART:MAG is now defunct!!... Thanx for your past support, -- mag man    P.S. The post office box 70896 is also closed, please don't send mail there.

he also included a little personal note wishing me luck with my writing. so a big thank you to Peter Magliocco and all the poems he published of mine in ART:MAG. that will be one zine i will truly miss.

but, in my feeble attempt to turn shit into chicken salad, i guess i have found the "new" poems to put in some submissions here in the next week or so.

the Yankees lost again last night to a team they should never lose to. CC once again pitched like shit and the offense decided to follow suit. what i'm really hoping is by the time i get home tonight the game is over and i didn't punish myself by watching any of it.

and depending on how late i get home tonight, i don't know if i will see ROH or not. i know there will be some tag team news on this show and a title switch, so i hope to see it. i'm sure i'll catch it sometime this weekend.

other than that, not much is going on. i need to go make myself look pretty (you know, lipstick on a pig) and go swim in the river of nostalgia. i've got to make sure i remember to take some business cards. perfect place to get rid of them.

and if i do end up going to this alumni event, i'll share the sad details tomorrow on this blog.

until then...


Houndmouth - From The Hills Below The City
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

There are no secrets that time does not reveal." - Jean Racine

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