Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the dog days of summer are finally here

nothing like walking out this morning and it's in the mid 80's with the humidity so thick you could wear it. finally, the summer in Ohio i always remember. a thunderstorm is possible every other 10 minutes and the patience of everyone is absolutely gone.

and speaking of rain, it hasn't rained here in 11 days or so. the crops still look amazing, but i wouldn't mind a few sprinkles here soon.

the Yankees got a well pitched game from Phil Hughes last night (shockingly) and got a walk off single from Jayson Nix (first of his career) to sweep the doubleheader 3-2. they are getting a spot start from Adam Warren tonight so i'm hoping the bats decide to help the kid out and score more than 5 runs.

i watched most of the Chelsea game this afternoon. i would have loved to see them stumble, but of course they didn't. it sets up a huge game Monday afternoon at Manchester United. that will be a juicy one for a home opener.

Hard Knocks last night was great. the highlight of the rookie show was from a guy who went to the high school i went to. i laughed my ass off. they definitely are going to have some tough cuts to make this season.

the usual Wednesday night television is on tap for tonight. a little Big Brother, even though i pretty much know everything that is going to happen. Duck Dynasty is quickly becoming my guilty little pleasure. and of course, the best show on tv, The Bridge. i really hope it's as great as the last 15 minutes were last week.

got a few ideas for the 3 poems i need to write for the artist in Sweden. he also wants me to look for some unpublished short poems. that ought to be a fun journey into failure. might be a late night coming one of these next few days.

i had this song blasting in my head while i was cleaning the toilets this afternoon. i don't know why.

that's all for today.


Rage Against The Machine - Live at The Grand Olympic Auditorium
The Steel Wheels - Live @ Ignition Garage

"To experience life you have to kind of face a lot of fears." - Carrie-Anne Moss

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