Sunday, August 18, 2013

death on a sunny day

so i was watching the UFC on Fox Spots 1 last night. the windows were open and it was a pretty comfortable night. then, the coyotes started howling. about 5 minutes later i smell a skunk. i figure these 2 events are connected. so, i had to shut up the house. not happy. fast forward to this afternoon. we had some family over so they could shoot their guns and they said there was a dead cat out by where they were. i go out to investigate and sure enough. it looks like my cat Rita Dove was ripped to fucking pieces last night. at least i believe it was her as there was hardly anything left. hopefully her kittens are old enough to fend for themselves now.

speaking of the UFC last night, it was excellent. a really entertaining card that really brought it. i thought the cherry on the night was the post match interview with Chael Sonnen.

i laughed when i watched the "highlights" from the Yankees game yesterday. figures. i start to praise them and they go out and shit the bed. 6-1 loss. they go for another series win this evening on ESPN. i might watch some of it, don't know yet.

my usual Sunday night watching is scheduled for this evening. Big Brother, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan, and Total Divas. plus, i hope to find the results of Summerslam and not miss anything. i'm really tempted to order it, but unfortunately, i'm not made of money.

spent most of today watching soccer from England and Spain. i watched Barcelona and laughed. i told my mother, if anyone doesn't like or understand the game, stick them in front of a television and watch Messi and company play. if you don't enjoy that, please stop watching all sports.

my stomach issues came back with a vengeance this morning. thankfully i feel better now. not sure what triggered it. i figure i fucked up somehow in a previous life.

that's all for today. hope this finds everyone a bit tipsy.


Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Led Zeppelin - Presence
Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation

"Fashions have done more harm than revolutions." - Victor Hugo

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