Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a fly went right in my mouth and i swallowed

i figure that should give my white blood cells a workout. i was busying typing up the 3 poems i wrote today and wouldn't have even noticed the little fucker in my mouth if it wouldn't have started moving. that's when i swallowed as i was too busy to be distracted. i suppose there will be a poem about this before too long.

as for the 3 poems i wrote, i really like 2 of them. so, i know damn well the one i don't like as much will be the first one accepted and/or published. that's just how it goes sometimes. i do know where i am sending out the 13 poems tomorrow. full details after they have been sent.

the internet was actually working the way it's supposed to this morning. and of course, here come the fuckers from Frontier Communications to change the modem out. so, i have to get offline, not like i was busy doing anything (listening to a podcast and emailing some folks at the same time) so these fuckers can realize, there's nothing wrong with the modem. talk about a company refusing to believe THEY are the ones fucking shit up. they also lied to my mother about the discount she was going to receive each month for the rest of the year. good thing my mother writes all this shit down. can't wait to see the letters to the company president and who the fuck else will get blasted. so once again, if you have the choice between Frontier Communications and eating a bowl of steaming shit, take the shit.

another game, another Yankees loss. that's probably more time than i should spend on them. though i think they had a closed door meeting after the loss last night. if they lose again tonight, i really hope heads start to fucking roll.

i did enjoy Hard Knocks last night on HBO. though i do hate when an episode ends with a kid getting a season ending injury.

i have decided i'm only doing 2 fantasy football teams this year. i figure with the internet being a piece of shit and not knowing when we might be moving, i would take a step back. of course, i still expect to win with both teams.

i didn't see my cat Whitey this afternoon when i went out to feed them. it's a rare enough occurrence that i actually noticed it. it will be very interesting to see if she's around come tomorrow. she's the ring leader of all of them out here.

tonight will be what's becoming my normal Wednesday night viewing, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, and The Bridge. and for torture, i'll flip to the Yankees during commercials.

that's all for today. take it easy and if it's easy, take it again.


Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
Phantogram - Nightlife
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head
Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give

"Rock music should be gross; that's the fun of it. It gets up and drops its trousers." - Bruce Dickinson

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