Friday, August 30, 2013

accept the pain and everything will be fine

i just watched Chelsea lose the UEFA Super Cup on penalty kicks so i thought i would take advantage of this rare ray of sunshine in my life to write my blog today.

but first, allow me to peel back the onion on my day. i know there is an artist in Sweden that loves these stories. so, i got some money together this morning to make a deposit at the bank. i force myself to do these things in person as that is really the only human interaction my recluse ass gets anymore. so, as i'm getting ready to take a shower, i have a SUDDEN urge to shit. i laugh, because normally that urge comes when i'm shampooing my hair. so, after 20 minutes i finally get in the shower. i'm pissed off as my back is killing me. so, what better time than right now to burst the blood blister on my inner right thigh. damn good thing i don't mind the sight of blood. plus, well water and soap on a bloody wound, what better way to proclaim to the world you simply just hate yourself.

on to other things...

i did manage to write 3 poems last night and i typed them up this morning. i like all 3 of them but i really have no clue where i'm going to be sending them. i'd like to write another 10 or so over the holiday weekend and then start cracking the whip on finding the right places for the poems.

i watched a ton of college football last night. a couple of instant classics on the first night. this should be a crazy season.

Big Brother went about how i figured it would last night. one racist leaves and the other is the new HOH. and her target is the last power couple remaining. if they both leave with the double eviction coming up, the show will be too fucking boring to give a shit anymore.

Wilfred was hilarious as always.

after thinking about it, i don't mind Manchester United's draw for the Champions League. it won't be easy, but it's not the group of death either.

the new kittens found their voices today. that surely will get annoying rather quickly.

not exactly sure what i'll be watching this evening. the Yankees are back at home in MUST win games. there is always wrestling once the Yankees start pissing me off. i'm sure there's some college football and soccer on this evening as well.

i figure i may just try to beat the heat again and do some writing. who knows.

that's all for today. hope everyone has a great weekend and for all my readers in the USA, enjoy the holiday weekend.


Metallica - Death Magnetic
Pixies - Bossanova
Florence & The Machine - Lungs
Kiss - Destroyer

"Poetry is always slightly mysterious, and you wonder what is your relationship to it." - Seamus Heaney (April 13, 1939 - August 30, 2013)

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  1. Thanks for the blister story, J.J! Another cartoon will soon see the light:)