Thursday, August 8, 2013

the sky opened up and...

we had a quick thunderstorm move through today right as i was getting ready to feed the cats. needless to say, i waited. and waited. we might have got close to an inch in less than 30 minutes. thankfully, the changes we made out here have worked. the drainage is light years better than what it was.

as for the cats, Whitey showed up today. i didn't see any visual signs of a fight or anything, so i have no clue where she was. but, she was really nice today, so i figure she was off doing some evil shit. my cat Tolstoy was a no show once again. i've got a bad feeling about that one, which would suck, as Tolstoy was definitely a cat that wasn't scared of anything. that probably was the downfall as well.

i sent out 13 poems today; 3 to Dead Snakes and 5 each to BoySlut and Gutter Eloquence Magazine. when i hear back from these places i'll pass along the news here on the blog.

i got the first batch of illustrations from the artist in Sweden. let's just say i haven't been this excited for a project in some time. they are fucking amazing. i will hopefully get to share them soon. in the meantime, check out Janne Karlsson at his site:

The Bridge last night was a slow burn. but the last 10 minutes got me really interested to see what happens next week.

after that ended, i turned over just in time to watch Mo blow the save for the Yankees. i then tortured myself and watched the rest of the game. Cano homered in the top of the 12th but these are the 2013 Yankees, a team that has snatched defeat from the clutches of victory more times than i can remember. so, of course, with only needing 1 out to win once again, the Yankees give up 3 straight hits to lose 6-5. as a die-hard, i'm not allowed to utter that the season is over. but...

i was hoping to watch the double eviction on Big Brother tonight but the assholes here in Dayton will be showing the Cleveland Browns preseason game. and i'm not waiting up until 2 am to see what happens. so, for a good portion of tonight, i'll be on the computer looking at twitter.

Wilfred looks like another great one tonight. hopefully it will make me laugh as it always does.

i had the pleasure of stumbling upon the LinkedIn profile of the friend that got me into this whole poetry world back when i was 16 today. we haven't had the opportunity to speak to each other in over a decade. so, i really hope to hear from him soon.

that's all for today. i need to get a shower in and get the brain buzzing about 3 poems i need to write this weekend.


Ministry - Psalm 69
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Korn - Issues

"Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius." - Josh Billings

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