Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lost in the fog somewhere

i imagine my first mistake was only getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep. sometimes one video leads to another on YouTube and suddenly you're watching a totally engaging interview with one of your comedy heroes.

and then you realize that it's 4:30 in the morning and just say to yourself, you're going to feel like shit when you wake up at 8 in the morning. true enough.

if that wasn't bad enough, i turned on the computer and found out one of my roster moves in fantasy football got cockblocked by someone higher than me in the waiver wire order. fuck me. looks like my backup RB spot is going to be an open rotation of shit for a few weeks. gotta love pre-season injuries. fuck.

thankfully the Yankees won last night 7-1. congrats to Alfonso Soriano on his 400th career HR. it's always nice when you bury a bad team early. of course, i could have gone without seeing Cano get hit on the hand. by the same pitcher that broke Grandy's hand in spring training. thankfully, x-rays were negative. if it would have been broken, the season more or less would have been over. hopefully Kuroda gets back to his dominant ways tonight and they win this series.

i did watch a little Champions League play between mini cat naps this afternoon. nothing really surprised me with the results. you would think teams will start learning to never doubt Celtic at home. the draw for group play tomorrow should be interesting. hopefully Manchester United avoids the group of death again.

lots of shit on tv tonight to watch. The Yankees, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, The Bridge, some tennis, new music festivals on Palladia, and god knows what else. i figure if i somehow make it to The Bridge without passing out it will be a miracle.

i did enjoy Hard Knocks last night. when i saw how bad they practiced at the high school less than a half hour from me, i was pretty happy i didn't go. plus, it's always funny watching large men run when they hear thunder. hilarious.

i figured i would bury this little nugget deep in this blog to see who is actually reading. i was driving home from the post office and ended up stuck behind a tanker truck carrying fresh manure. now, my window is down because the A/C in my truck fucking sucks. on top of that, it's roughly with the heat index, around 93 fucking degrees. if that's not painting a good enough picture, go turn your furnace on and stick your nose right in your dog's asshole. holy shit. that smell is going to be stuck with me until the day i die. i will tell you this, if i do end up moving away from the farm, i will NEVER miss the smell of fresh shit.

saw 8 of the 10 cats today. it seems that there is always 2 missing each day. but, 2 different each day. i figure they are probably out using up those 9 lives. i can also tell all the unnamed kittens are eating well. looks like a few of them might actually make it through the winter.

lastly, the end of the silly season must be drawing near as more juicy rumors are flying over in Europe. but, i will admit, a couple of the guys attached to Manchester United i definitely wouldn't mind seeing in red in the coming weeks. however, i have many doubts if any of it is actually true. i was very happy to see Wayne Rooney come out today and say he was staying.

that is all for today. at least all that i can squeeze out of this crowded mind. hasta manana.


AC/DC - The Razor's Edge
Icona Pop - Iconic EP
Brett Dennen = Loverboy
Grouplove - Grouplove EP
Heartless Bastards - Arrow

"Never categorize yourself, society does that to you, don't do it to yourself." - Jason Priestley

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