Saturday, August 24, 2013

a hazy summer day on the farm

i'm sure you see that title and you're going to expect some stories about animals and the weather, ha ha, fooled ya.

i have spent most of the day going between the Premier League and the start of a new season for Serie A.

now, i did feed the cats and the birds and had to run off some groundhogs from eating the cat food, but that was a small portion of the day.

most of the day was spent napping between goals in the Premier League and then laughing my ass off at the AC Milan loss (sorry Janne) and the Juventus win all because of one man, Ray Hudson. easily, the funniest color guy doing sports in the USA. check out this site for some lines and please do a YouTube search for some as well. you'll be entertained for hours.

only saw 5 cats today. not sure if my early appearance didn't fit into their schedule or there was another raid by the coyotes last night. i guess i'll know by tomorrow.

sadly, last night the Yankees ran into a pitcher they just can't beat and Kuroda was missing his spots. that all results in a 7-2 loss. CC goes tonight in a game they have to win, but, of course, Tampa owns CC. hopefully the world reverses for the night and the Yankees win in that dump.

other than that tonight, i guess i might sneak in some football and some ROH this evening.

sorry for the short one today, but i doubt one wants to read about what cookies i've had today or the kind of cheese i put on my crackers.

until tomorrow, where i'll probably be bitching about fantasy football draft results... joy.


Metallica - Master Of Puppets

"The hardest thing to do is be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching." - Dave Chappelle

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