Sunday, September 2, 2012

when the dew point is higher than the actual temperature

it's so ungodly sticky today. reminds me of my only trip to Florida as a child. was at a Days Inn in the Orlando area where one half of the hotel was in a thunderstorm and the other half was in the sun. we haven't got nearly as much rain as i would have loved to... but the holiday weekend is still young.

woke up this morning with my back in the normal pain for shitty weather. the pain in my left leg i couldn't figure out. given my past history with blood clots, there's always that haunting feeling in the back of my head. i did some stretching on my left hip and that seemed to do the trick. i figure given my luck, 36 and here comes arthritis. of course, the fun didn't really start until i was going out to feed the cats and the water jug i take out with me fell as i was changing my shoes and broke. water all over the mud room. just what i fucking need.

after breakfast watched Manchester United play. of course they didn't score first, but RvP comes to the rescue again. and of course they give up the next goal 10 minutes into the second half. now, i learned a lesson long ago watching Eric Cantona play that the magic always comes, but it will test your will to live until it does. so after RvP misses a pk (too cheeky for my liking) Sir Alex stands up, points at the watch and gives the look. and holy shit, for the millionth time i guess, here come the late goals. RvP with a garbage one and then the sweet header in extra time for a 3-2 win. 4 goals in 3 games. i guess the money was well spent.

so, while enjoying the post victory beer, i turn on the Yankees. they get off to a quick lead but given how this season has gone, that doesn't mean shit. Phil Hughes gives up a home run, but they get that run back the next inning. why Hughes was allowed to pitch to the same guy that homered off of him with runners on base is fucking beyond me. of course he hits a 3 run homer. and after the Yankees needed 5 fucking pitchers to get 3 outs in an inning, i turned away in disgust. what a fucking waste. now they have 7 games in a row on the road against the 2 teams on their heels. if they still have the division lead a week from now i'll be stunned.

thankfully, during the Yankee debacle it was another CR7 & Messi Sunday. a total treat to watch 2 of the greatest talents in the world put on another show. CR7 had 2 goals for Real Madrid. Messi was in passing mode but his teammates didn't have the precision dialed up today. Barcelona still won but it was bowling shoe ugly at times. of course, that is the blueprint against them if you want to have a chance.

tonight, i'm hoping it will rain to break the death grip humidity going on. but not hard enough to fuck with my DIRECTV signal. if it does, i guess i'll be working on my 3 fantasy football teams. i know 2 of them are good right from the start. i've already been offered trades. hopefully it's more than just wishful thinking on paper this year.

music today:

Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses - Junky Star
Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

"Work is a necessary evil to be avoided." - Mark Twain

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