Tuesday, September 18, 2012

any day Manchester City loses has to be good

at least one would think so. got the mail today and inside was the results from the Rattle poetry contest i entered a little while back. a big congratulations to someone not me. actually, someone i have never heard of before. not really shocking to me. i figured i would take a chance, disregarding knowing that i never get rewarded for taking chances. on the bright side, i have 4 new poems to send out again. i will get a good laugh when all 4 get published somewhere else. insert a line about taste in poetry and an asshole here.

had lunch again with my mother and went grocery shopping with her today. 2 days in a row spent with her. not sure if she's planning on not coming back from her vacation or what. thankfully, people watching does tend to take my mind off of rejection. of course, helps when i get home and see that Manchester City lost. that helps more.

and to see that it was CR7 that had the winning goal late made it even a little more sweeter. hopefully Manchester United can win tomorrow and get the Champions League off on the good foot.

the Yankees got pissed on by mother nature tonight and now have a day/night doubleheader tomorrow. not sure if i like that or not. all depends on the pitching i suppose. if they get 2 wins, i'll be happy. a split, not so much. that all changes if Baltimore happens to lose tonight. if they win, the division is tied again. fun fun fun.

music today:

Red Wanting Blue - Live at City Winery

"TV is chewing gum for the eyes." - Frank Lloyd Wright

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