Saturday, September 15, 2012

a lovely Saturday

woke up with no back pain. a true holy shit moment. fed the cats and realize i'm going to struggle to come up with names if all of these little fuckers make it through the winter. had a little breakfast and turned on Manchester United.

after a first half of missed chances, hello second half explosion. 4 goals. 2 from the new kids that were both spectacular. a lovely win while resting a few key pieces for the upcoming Champions League match. after now seeing 4 of the 5 signings from the silly season, i do believe Sir Alex has struck gold again. this may be a fun ride after all.

next, Ohio State. the college football team i've rooted for since birth. watching these entitled pricks play can be fucking frustrating as hell at times. but, they pulled out a win over Cal. hopefully, Urban Meyer can whip these fuckers into shape and start destroying teams in the near future.

then, although i didn't get to watch the game, the Yankees. judging from the highlights i've seen after the game, a nice win from the boys. actually got 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! hits with runners in scoring position. quite the fucking concept there. decent pitching and a little tack on baseball. you'd be amazed at how often over the last 200 years that has worked. at least a share of first place for another day. maybe they can win 2 games in a row twice in a week for a change.

needless to say, i'm in a good mood. i'll chill out for the rest of the evening with some more football, Saturday Night Live's season premiere and, if i'm still awake, some Ring Of Honor before i get a quick sleep in. plenty of work to do in the morning for my 3 fantasy football games.

on a poetry note, my book is coming along. barring any setbacks, Sofisticated White Trash, should see the light of day soon.

music today:

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

"I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places." - Henny Youngman

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