Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i know what this back pain means...

it must be going to rain soon. and one look at the forecast shows that it's possible for the next 4 days. fuck me runnin'. i'll go ahead and apologize now for all the bitching and moaning to come.

glad i got the grass cut yesterday if it does rain. of course, the mower was fucking up the entire time. so part of my yard is cut at a normal level and part of it might as well be dirt. fucking lovely.

flipped around last night between The Voice, Monday Night Raw, the Yankees, and Monday Night Football. the first 3 i enjoyed. as for MNF, i knew these fucking replacement refs were going to fuck me before too long. and sure enough. an absolute fucking joke. and i love that the league can't admit that they fucked the whole thing up because it would hurt their bargaining position. i love when rich people cry over pennies. you're making money hand over fist, you're not going to miss it. and these assholes wonder why they are hated by so many.

i could have gone without the news today that Manchester United's captain will be out for the next 2 months. nothing like a swift kick in the nuts while your back is killing you. let the nightmare from last year begin again.

i'd like to thank Chris Butler for his comment on my poem "happiness for someone else". i really appreciate it.

music today:

Ray LaMontagne - Gossip In The Grain
Ryan Bingham - Tomorrowland
Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits
Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards The Daylight
Cat Power - Sun

"In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature." - Wallace Stevens

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