Saturday, September 22, 2012

enjoying the misery of others

what a fucking day. had a surprising productive morning. checked the farm for damage from last night's storm, thankfully there was none. we got about an inch and a half of rain but you wouldn't know it with this 35 mph wind we've had all day long. got the paper and mail. made a trip to the store for eggs and milk. and decided to make a trip to the bank as well. got all that done and was back home before Ohio State played at noon.

knowing the spread for this game was 37 1/2, i knew what to expect. Ohio State will play like shit, down to its competition, still win easily but not cover. like clockwork, they win 29-15. never fails. back in my youth when i had money to burn, Ohio State made me a comfortable living for awhile. they have been like this my entire life it seems. too bad i'm poor now...

got some lunch and came back to find the Yankees giving back the 1 run lead they had when i left. after winning in a walk off last night as the satellite feed was cutting in and out, i wasn't counting on 2 days in a row. fast forward to the 13th inning, after the Yankees pissed away chances to win the game in earlier innings. for some reason the Yankees decided to pitch batting practice and Oakland took advantage. enter the bottom of the inning Oakland up by 4 runs (on 3 home runs). for the first time this season, the Yankees showed what every great Yankee team before has shown. no fucking worries, we're going to win. 3 straight hits, a passed ball, a sac fly and 2 run homer and holy shit, the game is now tied at 9. next inning and A-Rod should have won the game with a single but the runner on second base, a rookie playing in his first MLB game ever, misses 3rd base. fuck me. now 2 outs and Ichiro scores the winning run on a... WALK OFF ERROR. even better. given how i enjoy the misery of others so, i flipped over to the Oakland feed to laugh. their stunned disbelief tasted so good with my victory beer. still in first. 25 games over .500 for the first time since god knows when. hopefully a sweep tomorrow. and hopefully this will be the game that will provide them with a sense of belief when the playoffs come along.

my evening will consist of a nap while flipping between college football games. maybe i'll wake up for Saturday Night Live and Ring of Honor, maybe i won't. a ton of shit to do tomorrow. Manchester United plays in the morning. fantasy football lineups have to be finalized. and it's trash day as well. how i manage to do all that, make breakfast, feed the cats and not miss anything is beyond me. these are the days i miss the energy i had when i was on drugs.

music today:

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

"Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison." - Lord Chesterfield

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