Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day

fresh from the shower. tried my best to get the stink of yet another Yankee loss off of me. my favorite kind of loss too. fall behind, take the lead, give up that lead immediately and then lose late on a couple of broken bat hits. fucking lovely. division lead is down to 1. if they keep fucking around they will soon be out of the wild card race as well. might be time for a human sacrifice...

had a good breakfast this morning with my mother. in public even. quite the shock for her when i said yes. drove around in the rain and saw a few accidents. figured that was as good a start to the day as i could have. thankfully, didn't wake up this morning with the pain in my left leg. a complete fucking relief there my friends. as for rainfall, i'm guessing we were well over an inch of it, probably closer to 2. much needed. there's more in the forecast. i know the crops for this year are a lost cause, but next year can still be saved if we have a wet fall and winter. fingers are crossed.

hope everyone had a good labor day. did something productive on their day off or at least told the world to fuck off for a few hours. i'm hoping Monday Night Raw is entertaining enough to rescue my holiday.

i should be sending out some poems in the next week or so. probably after the first week of the NFL is over with. must have my priorities in order. when i start making more money on poetry than i do with sports, that will change. hopefully before i'm dead.

music today:

Ted Hawkins - The Next Hundred Years
Ani DiFranco - Up Up Up Up Up Up
Morphine - Like Swimming

"When something happens, we always say it happens for a reason." - Michael Clarke Duncan

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