Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a little football before the thunderstorms please

with all 3 of my fantasy football teams having players playing tonight, thankfully the NFL season can, at least for one night, allow me to think certain things don't exist. like the fucking Yankees for example. nice work pissing away a 10 game lead in a matter of 48 days. not that i keep track of shit like that or anything.

and with one of the players i have tonight being injured, my ass will be glued to this chair checking injury reports and rumors and twitter bullshit to get the latest news. not exactly sure what i'm going to do this weekend when i'll be at a music festival while the games are on. i lost one fantasy championship 2 seasons ago basically because i didn't have a cell phone to be able to check my team and make a needed change. it's not as easy as you think living life as a stubborn asshole.

if i can go my whole life without a cell phone a part of me will be more proud than (insert your insanity, hilarity or inane bullshit here please).

for any gamblers out there, the home team has never lost any of these midweek season openers. just a little nugget to think about.

and now for an uplifting story from my hometown to leave you with, please go here to understand why i never allow any of the pets inside.

music today:

Beck - Mellow Gold
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Foster The People - Torches
Shooter Jennings - Family Man
Metallica - ...And Justice For All

"People aren't interested in seeing themselves as they really are." - Jim Woodring

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