Thursday, September 6, 2012

i learned my lessons well

last night's game between Dallas and the Giants reminded me why i quit betting on NFL games. because sometimes, you just never know. i got the game wrong, just like every other fucker who didn't play or lives in Dallas did, but at least Tony Romo got me some decent fantasy numbers. not sure why i rushed to start Jason Witten in hindsight, but i'm not really favored in any of my fantasy football games this week. and with the number of injuries i have on my teams, i'm not expecting to win any of them. i've had plenty of seasons where i've lost the first game and won the championship, so i'm not worried.

i barely watched any of the Yankee game last night and they won. so, of course, i will have to do the same tonight. and if they win again, i will have to do my best to not watch them for as long as the winning lasts. i guess tonight will be a hopefully crazy double eviction on Big Brother and myself feeling older than shit watching the VMA's. i know who most of the acts are, i just don't listen to most of them. why i subject myself to this is beyond me.

made a friend of mine a Tom Waits mix cd today. holy shit, i have a lot of his music.

gearing up for the Downtown Dayton Revival this weekend. i'm hoping the weather will be nice. it's not looking good on Saturday. Sunday may be much better, and i of course will be the jackass trying to keep up with sports scores both days. fun.

music today:

Radiohead - OK Computer
Sevendust - Sevendust
Pixies - Pixies at the BBC

"I think trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing in the world a woman can do." - Christian Bale

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