Thursday, July 17, 2014

slow news day

so i was watching the news this afternoon about the plane crash in the Ukraine. i fell asleep. i woke up to Israel starting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. except in my mind, it was the same event. so i'm flipping through the channels thinking WW3 is starting. i eventually took a shower to make sure i was really awake.

mom made some really good turkey burgers for lunch. i think she may have sprinkled on some extra tryptophan on them. at least that's what i'm going with for the long nap this afternoon.

i watched Big Brother last night, just to really see how Donny beat Devin in the POV competition. that made me laugh out loud. so, thankfully, Devin will be evicted tonight and i can go back to enjoying the show.

other than Big Brother tonight, i'm going to try the new comedies on FX, Married and You're the Worst. hopefully the previews didn't have all the good parts. i love some good crass humor.

Wilfred was really good last night. i love how they are doing this final season.

The Bridge was creepy as fuck last night. just when i think that show can't get any better, it proves me wrong.

since i'm not a big fan of golf, there really isn't much sports going on today. thankfully, that will change in the next week or so.

amazingly, the humidity held off for another day here. so, the windows are still open.

my mom and sister went in on some hockey tickets for the Columbus Blue Jackets. i think they did a quarter season. all i know is i get to see my beloved New York Rangers twice next season. it's always fun to wear the enemy colors into a building. of course, when the Rangers aren't playing, i'll just be a fan for those games.

i heard a Todd Snider song on the radio yesterday as i was scrubbing the toilets. thankfully, i found the full, uncensored song on iTunes this morning. i've been playing the shit out of it today.

that's pretty much all for me today. hopefully this finds everyone well. and hopefully no one reading this had anyone on that plane today.

peace and chicken grease...


Todd Snider - The Story of & The Devil's Backbone Tavern
Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead of Roses
Ryan Bingham - Until I'm One with You
Dr. Dog - Shadow People
Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body
Barbarian Overlords - The Harvester
Wussy - Teenage Wasteland
Sturgill Simpson - Turtles All the Way Down

"Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight." - Phyllis Diller

rest in peace and thank you for unknowingly teaching me some guitar...

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