Thursday, July 24, 2014

i really could use a nice long nap

i prbably didn't get to sleep until 3 in the morning. and sure enough, 6:30 AM and i'm coming down the stairs, wide awake. thankfully, the Yankees play a day game today, so i should have something to fall asleep to.

first off, i want to highly recommend to everyone Part 1 and Part 2 of The Jim Norton Show on VICE. you can find the show here: he interviews Dana White and Mike Tyson. if you have a sense of humor and don't mind some colorful language, this is a show for you. both parts are about 30 minutes and they absolutely fly by. truly well worth your time.

i changed up my plans last night and decided to watch all of the Manchester United game. thank god i did. Louis van Gaal changed the formation for the first time i can ever remember. i don't think i have ever seen United play with only 3 defenders. they won the game 7-0. what i was most happy about was how Ander Herrera played. he looked like the midfielder this team has needed for a decade now. of course, i don't want to get ahead of myself, but that was a fantastic debut. if this is what the team will play like under LvG, the glory days aren't that far away.

Big Brother was good last night. tonight should be Brittany leaving the house. Wilfred was great once again. i LOVE how this final season is going. The Bridge last night was great as usual. SoundClash was a mixed bag for me. i like the concept. i liked the final segment, when they brought elements of all 3 bands together to perform a song. what i didn't care for was most of the show. not a good flow at all. what i hope is the episodes will get better as the bands involved get better. of course, as i explained to my mother, this generation of people will be remembered for the acceptance of mediocrity. there were so many great bands in the 90's that didn't make it, but today would be stars simply because there are so many people that simply like everything. it boggles my mind. of course, these are the same people i'm trying to get to buy my poetry. so, i'm not going to shit on them too bad.

tonight i will be also watching Married and You're the Worst.

i listened to the newest podcast from Sam Roberts this morning. another one that i highly recommend. you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher,, or on the right hand side of this blog.

the rain finally has passed through here. it is supposed to be rather nice today. all i really want is for it to dry out so i can mow grass tomorrow. plus, it would be nice if the humidity stays away for the next 2 days at least.

i realized around 10 or so last night that neither one of us went into town yesterday to get the mail. apathy is starting to sprout once again. i'm sure the box will be full today.

the Yankees won a rain shortened game last night, 2-1. once it started to rain and the grounds crew had problems with the tarp, i figured they would call the game. of course, it took nearly 2 hours for them to do that. best thing was that the bullpen wasn't used at all. they needed a night off for sure.

that's all for me today. i think i will probably break out the poems later this afternoon and decide where i'm going to send some work to. other than that, i'm hoping to take a nap.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me money. be ready to laugh at yourself.

peace and chicken grease...


Jamestown Revival - California (Cast Iron Soul)
The Chemical Brothers - One Too Many Mornings
Rival Sons - Electric Man

"All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope." - Alexandre Dumas

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