Friday, July 4, 2014

be careful, you'll blow off your hand...

i've never been much of a fireworks guy. once i entered my teens, anytime the fireworks started, it was the time to go sneak off and do drugs, drink, or make out. i suppose the 38 year old pervert inside of me misses those days the most. not that there was a ton of making out going on. but the drugs, man the drugs...

holy shit, the Yankees won last night, 7-4. Tanaka was not at his best but the offense woke up for a night. they called up a kid from the minors (well, not really a kid, spent 8 years down there) who homered in his second at bat. Beltran hit a huge 3 run homer. and thankfully, Phil Hughes went back to being the same shitty Phil Hughes that used to pitch for the Yankees. they play again this afternoon. maybe they will remember what a winning streak is.

i am looking forward to the World Cup games today. Germany plays France and Brazil takes on Colombia. i have Germany and Brazil advancing, even though i would not be shocked if that doesn't happen. i expect two really good games today.

i don't really have anything planned for tonight, so i imagine i'll find something on tv to watch. and then maybe a creative outburst at some point.

Joey did get eliminated from Big Brother last night. might be one of the worst players EVER. the new HOH's are Amber and Devin. there goes my hope of Devin leaving the house this week. and i don't think the other pussies in his alliance have the guts to even figure out a way to back door him this week. not sure why people play the game this way. of course, i don't even bother to try out for the show, so i'm one to talk.

was kind of stunned when i got that poem published this morning. wasn't expecting that at all. i still find it amazing at how much the internet has changed the life of a poet. never when i started dreaming of getting published in my teens did i ever think it could possibly happen within a day.

i had some pizza last night for dinner. i think there was just enough of grease in it that i have flushed everything but my soul down the toilet this morning. try shaking that visual out of your head today.

hope everyone has a great holiday. for everyone else outside of this country, hope you enjoy the World Cup games.

be well. be creative. be safe. be worried about that extra hot dog.

peace and chicken, ribs, brisket, turkey, hot dog, sausage and pork chop grease...


Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.
Arcade Fire - Wake Up
The Zombies - Time of the Season
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
The Band of Heathens - Look at Miss Ohio
The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows

"If you can go through life without experiencing pain you probably haven't been born yet." - Neil Simon

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