Wednesday, July 23, 2014

aches and pains

i woke up sometime around 6 or so this morning, completely in pain. i knew it must have just rained. i didn't even bother to try to move. i probably stayed in the same spot for 30 minutes or so, just hoping to fall back asleep. no such luck.

i can tell you that the pain hasn't let up today at all. fucking cold fronts.

i found out last night that the mother of the guy who farms out here died on Monday. it didn't come as a surprise to anyone as her health has been failing for years. we're hoping to sell the farm to this guy, so i have no clue what this does to those plans. my condolences to the family.

the Yankees won last night, 2-1 in 14 innings. mind you, there wasn't any runs scored until the 13th inning. if there ever was a game i would have preferred to shoot myself in the head rather than watch, this was it. the guy they traded for earlier in the day got the winning hit. not a bad debut. of course, when he struck out with his first at bat, i looked at mom and said he fits right in. they face one of the best pitchers in the league tonight. i'm not expecting much.

Deadliest Catch and Tyrant were both really good last night.

tonight is going to be crazy for me. a new episode of Big Brother is on. then, i want to check out this new music show on VH1. i think it's called SoundClash. then, it's off to FXX to see Wilfred. and then it gets tricky. The Bridge will be on FX at the same time that Manchester United is playing the LA Galaxy on Fox Sports 1. The Bridge is so damn good that i'm thinking i will just watch that and catch the second half of the United game. i'll have to have the trigger finger ready for the commercial breaks.

had another afternoon on iTunes today. my musical tastes are getting bizarre.

i did type up the 5 poems i wrote yesterday late last night/this morning. i like a few of them. i'll try to get some shit sent out before the month is over. i would say later this week, but after this rain, i get the feeling i'm going to be mowing grass for the next few days.

had a long talk with the muse late last night. i feel bad for her. she's in a pretty shitty situation. she hasn't asked for my help yet, even though we both know i would somehow try to help her with my broke ass. hopefully i won't have to.

that's all for me today. i need to get on YouTube and see what i missed this afternoon while i was trying to sleep in my chair. it was more of experiencing bitter agony while trying to find music that would take my mind someplace else. i suppose it is time to start doing drugs again.

be well my enemies.

peace and chicken grease...


Ryan Bingham - Bluebird (Live)
Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
John Prine - Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Hit 'Em Up Style
Lovelife - Nova

"My soul is in good shape." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

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