Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a hot steamy mess

the internet has been running slow this morning. mom said she saw plenty of Frontier Communications trucks out and about yesterday. i'm fearing those fucking idiots fucked something up again. i suppose time will tell.

Germany's destruction of Brazil would have made those crazy ass generals in world war two proud. 7-1. 5 goals in the first 29 minutes. first time Brazil lost a non-friendly game on home soil since 1975. which means that was the first home loss of an important game for Brazil in my life. i'm still stunned with how easy Germany picked them apart and just ruthlessly took them behind the barn and pulled the trigger. and to think Brazil still has to play the third place game. they better win that one, or that country may never forgive those players. and i would have to imagine Germany is now the favorite to win the World Cup. i tell you one thing, i look at the USA loss to Germany 1-0 in a whole different light this morning.

today Argentina takes on the Netherlands. i have Argentina moving on, but that doesn't mean anything. hopefully it will be a more competitive game than yesterday. probably comes down to how well the Dutch can shackle Messi. if they allow him time and space, Argentina will be one step closer to rubbing the World Cup title in crying Brazilian faces.

the Yankees lost last night, 5-3. the offense did its normal disappearing act after the first couple of innings. and Tanaka could not find his fastball for anything. a few of them ended up in the seats. he might be hitting that mid summer wall most rookies hit. the guy they traded for is pitching tonight. hopefully he does well.

Deadliest Catch was really good last night. i love when they show some pranks. Tyrant was good as well.

had a banana bread beer out of England last night. not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be. tasted a little like banana pudding with plenty of alcohol. and didn't produce a hot steamy mess shortly afterwards, so that's a plus.

tonight will be a busy night for me. a new episode of Big Brother. this might be the craziest cast ever. The Bridge comes back tonight. i'm beyond excited for that. and another new episode of Wilfred. the dilemma is Wilfred and The Bridge come on at the same time. another night where i really could use a DVR.

this rainy weather isn't helping my arthritis. today is supposed to be sunny and hot, which always leads to storms. i figure by the afternoon i'll be miserable.

not much damage from the storms yesterday. just some limbs down. it must have been scary enough though, as 13 of the 14 cats were in the barn when i went out to feed them. mom believes she saw the other one down in the front. no clue when that dumb ass will make it back up to the barn.

that's pretty much all for me. enjoy the game today if you happen to be watching it. maybe my lazy ass will do some artwork today. i've got an idea floating around in my head that i'd like to get down on paper. but, as with most of my art, i'll end up hating it. so it goes.

be well. be creative. be an afternoon drunk. be charming. be aloof. be the neighbor that doesn't give a shit anymore.

peace and chicken grease my enemies.


Steve Earle - Colorado Girl
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy
Cee Lo Green - Fuck You

"A fanatic is a nut who has something to believe in." - Dean Koontz

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