Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my day with people

i was hoping to get some sleep last night, but apparently i'm not allowed to get more than 5 hours at any given time. so, my atrocious bags under my eyes were going to be on display for the world. mom had a hearing test today and we needed to go to the store. plus, since she's still having headaches, i would be driving. oh lovely.

mid 90's today with the heat index. not a day for impatience.

we got to the hearing test on time. i made sure to bring along a pen and paper. i was able to get 5 poems done before she was done. i'll type those up later tonight. then, a trip to the sports bar for lunch. i only had 1 beer, being the responsible driver i am. then, to the store. we walked around for awhile in there. i did a little people watching, but most of them were old couples or single men (creeps like me most likely). i did see a beautiful black woman that was nearly falling out of her dress. of course, she was with a guy, so those glances were quick. i'm sure i'll have a few poems about that later on in the week.

on the way back home we had to stop off at the post office. the post office is right across from the fire station. so, just my luck, the ambulance was pulling out as i was pulling up to the post office. i got over to the side, but, since this is my life, the fucking driver never saw me and came within an inch of turning right into me. it took nearly every ounce of my soul not to jump out and try to start a fight. fucking idiot. there's bound to be poems about that as well.

in case you can't tell, people annoy the living shit out of me.

this series of events will most likely repeat on Friday when i take mom to get her MRI done. good times.

the Yankees lost last night to the shitty Texas Rangers, 4-2. of course, when you commit 5 fucking errors in a game, you should lose. they made a trade today to get a third baseman finally. hopefully it will help as it is the guy the GM has been after for years now. they play again tonight, in a few minutes. i need to type faster.

Monday Night Raw was really good last night. always love a good arrest angle. Stephanie played that up nicely. plus, a night without John Cena is always a good thing. the promo to end the show by Paul Heyman was brilliant.

tonight i'll also be watching Deadliest Catch and Tyrant.

saw a bluebird in the backyard today. they are pretty rare for around here. hopefully i'll get a picture of it one of these days.

i did manage to shave and shower today before i went out into public. i figure that was the least i could do. plus, anytime i shave, my goatee looks twice as long. i always love that. i love it even more knowing that others don't. that's the beauty of being an asshole.

that's all for me today folks. i'll be sure to pass on my thoughts of the poems tomorrow as i do plan on typing those up late tonight.

be well. be creative. be cool.

peace and chicken grease...


AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Train
Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down
Grouplove - Ways To Go
Grace Potter - I Shall Be Released (Live)
The Killers - When You Were Young
Yellowman - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire

"Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence." - George Clinton

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