Wednesday, July 2, 2014

absolutely gutted

i woke up this morning, as did the sun. sometimes as a sports fan, you're not always sure that will always happen.

i'm still absolutely gutted from the USA loss to Belgium yesterday, 2-1. all three goals came in extra time. that was after the USA had a chance to steal the game with maybe 30 seconds left. i can't imagine Wondo not thinking about that chance for the rest of his life. hats off to Tim Howard for playing the best game i have seen a goalkeeper play in my life. but, 16 saves is way too many if you want to actually win a game. let alone if you want to advance in the World Cup. the one bright aspect of the game yesterday is the youth on the squad will only get better. and maybe that will all happen in the next 4 years. some true poetic justice would be the USA sniffing a World Cup title in Russia. not that i will ever expect that to happen, but one may dream.

Argentina won 1-0 in extra time over Switzerland. just 2 minutes from penalty kicks.

that sets up the quarterfinals of the World Cup, starting on Friday. Germany vs. France and Brazil vs. Colombia. talk about two juicy games. on Saturday will be Costa Rica vs. Netherlands and Argentina vs. Belgium. all 8 group winners advanced. and given all the drama so far, i expect plenty more to come.

not sure what i'm going to do with no games for the next few days. i suppose the dishes and the toilets are first up.

the Yankees wasted some great starting pitching last night, losing 2-1. they play a day game today, looking to avoid the sweep. quite frankly, this team is hard to fucking watch anymore.

it was appropriate last night that as soon as the USA game ended, the skies opened up here. and it poured. even mother nature was hurt. it did set up for an amazing sunset last night. i actually got some decent shots of it. here's my favorite:
you can see the other shots in the slide show on the right hand side of this blog.

the New York Rangers made a ton of small, value signings yesterday. they did sign Dan Boyle, who went to college with my sister. now there's a mind fuck. he wanted to be in New York and took less money to do so. the only unrestricted free agent of their own they signed was Dominic Moore. i'm fine with that as the other guys all got deals they weren't going to get with the Rangers. now, they just need to get their restricted free agents signed and hope the kids are ready to fill some holes on the team. my fingers are crossed that they didn't fuck all this up.

Deadliest Catch was pretty good last night. Tyrant was good as well.

tonight will be some Big Brother and Wilfred. and then some writing or a very long shower. i figure i will do all the shit around the house while i'm avoiding the Yankee game.

my morning shit produced some blood this morning. that's always a lovely conversation for a 38 year old male to have with his mother. let the poems begin...

that's pretty much all for me today. i'll probably be back on here tomorrow afternoon. i might do a little poetry work before then, getting that itch to send out some poems again.

be well my enemies. be bold. be creative. be accepting. be easy, but not a whore.

peace and chicken grease...


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live at Luther College

"Normalcy is not interesting." - Lindsay Lohan

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