Monday, July 7, 2014

and here comes the rain

i actually got something resembling 6 hours of sleep last night. so, i'm somewhat refreshed. my apologies.

there's thunder in the air here, so i'm going to try to type fast.

the Yankees got off to a great start yesterday and then hung on for dear life, winning 9-7. they were up by 9 after 4 innings. they did take the series though. and made a good trade (at least i hope) and got rid of one of the useless old guys. hopefully more of that is on the way. they are up in Cleveland tonight.

i was so happy for Juan Pablo Montoya yesterday. i haven't been able to see him win often over the last decade or so. so the win at Pocono was very nice to see. he totally deserved it.

the tennis match was pretty good yesterday and i got a little nap watching some golf and soccer. not a bad lazy Sunday at all.

Big Brother made me laugh last night. not because of actual content but more creative editing by CBS. the show happens one way in reality and another in each episode. it's humorous how many people don't really know the difference.

The Leftovers was another weird mess last night. i'm still not sure if i really want to invest my time in it. next Sunday will be the true test with all the Showtime shows coming back on. i imagine if i remember to make an effort to find it next week...

also coming back this week is The Bridge. i can't wait for Wednesday.

no World Cup games today, so i'm going to try to get over to the used music store and sell off some music. hopefully make a little money.

i did compose a poem while i was sitting on the toilet this morning. i haven't typed it up, but i think it has all the makings of a classic.

well, i need to get out there and feed the cats before it really starts storming.

hope this finds everyone well. yes, i know it's Monday, get over it.

peace and chicken grease...


Street Sweeper Social Club - The New Fuck You
Young the Giant - My Body
Paloma Faith - Never Teat Us Apart
Deftones - Minerva
Hank Williams III - Cecil Brown
Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go." - Margaret Walker

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