Thursday, July 10, 2014

as the world turns

yesterday was one of those days that seemed like it was never going to end. from the soccer, to the baseball, to the bad news, to the rumors, to a late night phone call, to arthritic pain at 4 in the morning. just another time when i nod my head to the 8 year old me, that wanted to die so bad that he started to come up with a plan. hindsight, you cruel heavenly goddess of guilt.

i went to the store with my mother yesterday as she needed to get some shit and i needed beer. it was a pretty quick trip, not much drama. way too many young ladies smiling at me. either my fly was down or someone thought i should be in jail. we got back home just in time for the World Cup game.

Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalty kicks, 4-2. such a different game from the day before. i felt bad for the one defender for the Dutch who had the first pk stopped. he played so good in the game, handcuffing Messi for the entire game, to only be remembered for that fuck up. CRUEL. this sets up a World Cup Final of Germany vs. Argentina. i had Argentina losing in my original prediction, so i will stay with that. Germany will be looking to become the first European team to win in South America. the 3rd place game takes place the day before the final. that could and should be wildly entertaining if both teams just say fuck it and play nothing but offense. Brazil vs. Netherlands. of course, no matter how good it might be, no one will ever remember it. in all sports, it's the finals or failure.

the Yankees got horrible news yesterday with Tanaka going on the disabled list with elbow pain. NOT GOOD. then, Carlos Beltran broke his face in 2 spots in a freak batting practice accident. i'm starting to believe this fucking team is cursed. this was all before they even played the game. as for the game, their new starting pitcher started a little leaky, not helped at all by the defense, but soon settled down. Tex made up for his error with 2 home runs. the game went into extra innings. eventually, in the 14th inning, Ellsbury hit a home run that proved to be the winning margin. 5-4. just about everyone that could pitch for the Yankees did. hopefully the starter tonight goes deep into the game.

i was a little upset that CBS didn't show the fireworks from the POV meeting on Big Brother last night. i suppose that will happen tonight, but it will be heavily edited, as most of the show seems to be. i'm hoping Zach stays, as that will piss off Devin. and the sooner they can get that asshole out of the house, the happier i will be. i'll be interested to see who the next two HOHs are. hopefully two people that actually know how to play the game.

Wilfred last night was a great mind fuck. i totally love where this final season is going.

The Bridge last night was just as bloody as i remember the first season being. looks like another great season is on the way.

we had a bird fly into the bay window this morning. it hit the window so damn hard it sounded like a bomb going off. it was a pretty big bird as well. 20 minutes later i checked and it was gone. so, either it flew away or the cats got to it. anything is possible out here on the farm.

i suppose i should get out there and feed those dumb animals before too much of the day gets away from me. i also want to get to the bank today and make a feeble deposit. the joys of being poor, when putting $20 into your checking account is a good day.

i had a weird feeling this morning, musically, so my purchases from iTunes certainly reflect that. you'll see that below.

also, got a flexible ruler at the store yesterday that will come in handy for some upcoming art projects. i'm hoping to brush off some of those skills i learned in high school. good thing my brain remembers all this shit.

looks like the weather should be close to nice for the next few days. hopefully i'll be able to enjoy it.

that's all for me my enemies. not sure when i'll be on here tomorrow. that creative itch needs to be scratched once again, so who knows.

peace and chicken grease...


Yelawolf - Honey Brown
Kiesza - Hideaway EP
Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

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