Thursday, May 31, 2012

the after midnight and i'm drinking sports report

well, the Yankees tried. they tried and tried to blow another fucking game to the Angels. blew a 4 run lead and tried to give the game away in the 9th. but, somehow, Trumbo flies out on a hanging slider and the Yankees win 6-5. makes the west coast swing a little better.

team USA lost to Brazil 4-1. the score doesn't tell the whole story. the u.s. had chance after chance in the second half after being bitch smacked in the first half. still, only down 2-1 at half. too many chances unfinished and Brazil doesn't need many chances to score. the game was more competitive than i thought it would be but the boys have miles to go before hanging with the big boys on a consistent level.

did tune into the hockey game in time to watch Fatso and the devils lose in overtime. almost brought a smile to my face. but the Rangers aren't in it, so i couldn't give more than two shits about it.

did catch a good bit of the heat and celtics tonight. when the fuck did Rondo learn how to shoot. the celtics fucked up by wasting that effort from him. i doubt he'll be able to hit that many jumpers again in his life. i'll give LeBron credit. at least he took the final shot in regulation. he missed it of course. baby steps i suppose.

and now, a good sports quote to go leave you with

"Fans don't boo nobodies." - Reggie Jackson

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