Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sports for 5/23/12

just in case any of you new to me don't understand my passion for sports i'll offer the following. i've been a fanatic since i've been 6 years old. sports are life and death to me. i'm higher than high when my teams win and have no use for the world when they lose.

my teams are the New York Rangers, the New York Yankees, Manchester United, Dayton Flyers (College Basketball) and Ohio State (College Football). my nba fandom is normally with Sacramento but i'm not sure about that any longer. nfl is mostly depending on who is on my fantasy teams. oh yes, i will bore you to death with fantasy sports talk as well. how i manage to be an internationally published poet and still follow all these teams is as amazing as it is sad. of course, live at home with your mother and don't have a paying job outside of the house and i suppose it's clearly possible.

anywho, i'm rocking my playoff beard hoping for the rangers to revert to games 1 and 3 tonight and beat the devils. i'll worry about baseball once hockey is over with. not a day sooner. even though i know the yankees stink at the moment, it's still early.

as for Man U, please get some players that are younger and not injury prone. does Alex really think Giggs and Scholes are going to play forever. it's hard to imagine the team w/o them, but harder watching manchester city win.

enough of the rambling. the games shall be on soon.

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