Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what a damn tease

just imagine the cussing going on in my house when the rangers get down 3-0 before my dinner is settled into my gut.

thank god A-Rod found some magic potion that gave him something more than warning track power or i would have been breaking shit.

yankees win comfortably 8-3 while the rangers, being the cock teases they are, tie the game at 3 only to lose 5-3.

my fear is the boys have worked so damn hard to get this far they have run out of gas. and how the hockey gods work, you have to lose before you can win.

i'm not giving up hope... yet. but unless some spooky 94 Messier shit starts happening soon, i think the playoff beard has seen its final days.

this will be a night of shitty sleep.

1 comment:

  1. I know how you feel. Talk about playoff beards. I am a fan of Nashville. When the playoffs started, Carrie Underwood said as long as Mike didn't shave neither would she. Then Nashville gets knocked out in the second round. Shit wasn't even long enough for Carrie to grow a decent landing stip. I feel cheated on all fronts.